Monday, June 9, 2008

On the road again, again, again...

We stopped at a campground after dinner and stayed the night. We had full hook ups so it was very comfortable with the AC full blast.

Driving a couple of hours last night makes todays driving that much more berable. It looks like we'll be rolling into Jo's around 4pm - putting me and the kids home around 6'ish after unloading the camper and loading up the car. Not too bad for a long weekend but I should've taken tomorrow off - just to recoup and clean up.

I will be doing nothing but homework for the next two weeks to make up for the last 3 long weekend trips. I have a ton of stuff to do for the business too now that I've heard back from my attorney and my accountant. It'll just have to wait until school is over.

All of the dogs are passed out, well all but the puppy. I know I shouldn't be jealous of dogs but right now I'd give anything to stretch out and take a nap. ;)
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