Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

I am no exception to this rule - I'll just add that I don't usually have one opinion, I often have 10.

Today's topic is no different - flyball jump heights.

NAFA has proposed dropping the jump height from 4" below the withers to 5" below the withers. There's a little bit of buzz about it but I think people were mostly keeping their opinions to themselves until a few days ago.

Some opponents are worried that some teams will choose to not accept any breed but a small enough Border Collie or other fast dog and use that as the their height dog. This will ultimately, in their opinion, affect how many breeds are in the sport.

Other opponents are worried that slower small dogs will be pushed to slower teams or out of the sport all together. Not to mention what it might change in the sport.

Guess what. Things change. People change, things evolve, we get better as time goes on (hopefully!) The sport is going through another growing period. Who can really say what difference a 1" jump height difference will make? We can look back a couple of years later and say this is what changed but we can only guess right now.

Having a height dog, and planning on always having a height dog, I'm for the change. I think anything that makes the sport safer for my dog is a good thing and I truly don't care about all the rest of it. That's not to say I haven't considered it or I don't worry about it but the safety of my dog comes first.

I wrote an email to the big flyball list today. Usually I lurk and I'm not sure I've ever written to it but today I did. So what if the fastest teams gain .05? All teams have the potential to gain .05! So what if they break the record? Isn't that what some teams strive to do? Let them! I'm sure some of the higher teams would welcome the competition. Teams might not allow anything but BCs on the team. So what? Unless you're on that team and do not own a Border Collie, it really doesn't effect you. Let them! If you are on that team and do not own a Border Collie, change teams or start your own. It really is that simple.

Is it safer for Freddie? Yup.

'Nuff said.


p.s. I soooo want to go see Wall-E. :)

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