Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in the us of a

We're in New York somewhere - close to Batavia I think. It was a grueling weekend but lots of fun. We had 3 teams running in a double ring which boils down to lots of racing with very little down time inbetween.

Freddie's team (NET open) won 1st place. There was one race where it came down to him literally racing for time against a sheltie, which we won. :)

I ran Squish on the B team and managed to get a few good starts with him. Both A and B were in 4th place (Something they're probably not used to...) :P

The puppies all got warm ups over the weekend and did excellent! Peach and Grit actually got a few full runs in during a few heats. Tweak did recalls the first day, bounces off the box and full warm up runs on the second day.

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