Friday, June 27, 2008

day off

I had the day off from work yesterday so I could spend time with Vince & Nancy who are up from NJ on vacation.

I ended up working in the morning anyway, but the rest of the day was nice. I brought Tweak since Vince hadn't had a chance to meet her yet and Millie is still pretty skunky, which is her new nickname btw. I still can't believe that one. Anyway, it was a relaxing time!

I guess I should bitch about the weather since I think it's rained every single day since I opened the pool but I just don't feel like it. Maybe I would if it was just raining, who knows. But we're not getting just rain, we're getting thunderstorms and I love thunderstorms!

I was showing Vince some of Tweak's tricks yesterday and she clocked me in the head while trying to get up for a back stall. I haven't checked to see if there's a bruise yet but boy does it feel like there should be!

I'm not sure what kind of affect the rain is going to have on my weekend. Saturday is Glen & Zeke's birthdays cookout. I'm bringing my EZ up and planning to get wet. Sunday is the frisbee competition and while it being washed out would give me more time to clean up our freestyle routine, I doubt I am available on the rain date. I really hope it doesn't get canceled.

Other than that, it's the same shit different day. Still waiting to hear back from my lawyer on some business stuff. Still trying to finish up some web stuff. Still trying to clean the house, train the dogs, socialize, relax, etc., etc.

Next weekend I'm having a cookout at my house for my sister's birthday. Her husband will also finish replacing the deck railings that day. I'll have to get the stairs in the pool by then. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain - even if it is a thunderstorm!


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