Friday, June 20, 2008


Yikes! I must have been exhausted! I haven't slept this late in I don't know how long.

Forgetting to set the alarm attributed to the situation without a doubt. But I have no idea what the other factors are. I went to bed at a decent time, I didn't stay up that much later reading and I know I didn't run a marathon yesterday so that's out. Weird. I guess I just needed the sleep. :)

Since I'm running so late, I'm just taking my time. I'll have a nice relaxing shower after this, stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way to work for coffee and a muffin, and then Sunday drive it to work.

I actually finished *all* of my homework and turned it in on the day it was due. I'm not sure you can imagine what 6 weeks of homework (some assignments in various stages of completion) look like but I can assure you it's quite overwhelming.

Now that all of that is done, I will play catch up with web updates I have. I wrote down a list of all the web stuff I need to change for all the different sites I work on and I was a little surprised. I didn't know I was managing that many sites! More of that biting off more than I can chew thing I guess. I'm only redesigning 3 of them - the rest are just updating existing pages, which isn't that bad. I can probably blow through the list today at some point.

Oh, I have to figure out if there's anything I need to do to get my diploma. The class I just finished was the last one I needed for my Associates degree. I guess I can say I'm edumacated now. Yay.

I won't make light of the accomplishment, I'm happy about it, but it really wasn't all that difficult - just time consuming. Wait, I think I remember the math sucking in a way words can not describe. Ok, so maybe it was a little hard. I'm not even in the blue room this time, I swear!

I know I have stuff to do this weekend, I'm just not sure what. I will certainly be visiting my grandfather now that I can. I found out yesterday I could've been visiting him this entire time as someone passed out misinformation. I'm trying to be a big girl and not want to rip someone a new asshole about it. Fingers crossed I'm successful.

I think its about time I shellacked the bookcase so I can get that project done. Remember that? Yeah, it's been incomplete for that long.

Vince and Nancy will be up in Maine. I was going to try and visit over the weekend, but I think I'll just take next Friday off and spend the whole day with them since I made plans with my sister tomorrow. Did I mention I'm going to be an aunt? :p I am. Can't wait!

Time to get moving on the business stuff too. Have to get that up and running, organized, etc. I actually had an idea for another product today that I'll play around with. I need my lawyer to pass over that agreement she was supposed to write up so I can get busy on making the other things that will be offered. I'll bug her today about it.

Jeez. I need to write all this stuff down if I'm ever going to remember it all! One of the first signs of aging - needing lists!


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