Monday, June 16, 2008

that sucked

Weekend? What weekend?

Work destroyed just about all of the plans I had because of an upgrade. So much for my relaxing weekend!

And as I suspected (I think I even put it out here...) as soon as the pool looked like a pool again, it's cold and rainy and will be all week. When it's not supposed to be? Next weekend, where we'll have thunder storms in place of 60 degrees. Having a usable pool in New England is tough.

Today is all about homework. Since my weekend was taken with work, my workday is being replaced by homework. I don't get overtime and I don't want to fail so that's the way it is.

We weren't allowed to see my grandfather yesterday, which sucked big time. Actually, were not allowed to visit him this week at all. I hate that. I know he needs a transition time but we haven't been able to see him in weeks. I don't know what psycho is directing the shots but surely being cut off from his family can't be good for him. What the hell do I know, don't listen to me.

I finally got the "correct" username for the disc dog site. I'll go in sometime today and revamp that awful calendar page. I could understand breaking it up into months if there were dozens of things going on each month. But there aren't so it's stupid.

Ellin's birthday was Saturday, which I missed. We hung out with Dad on Sunday, which was awesome as usual. I need to schedule some kind of family gathering here so my b-i-l can fix my gate/deck. A lot of people say they'll help you but it's funny how those people never follow through.

I'm out of practice with throwing the disc. I brought Tweak down a couple of times this past weekend and I sucked. Bad. I think I've been focusing on flyball so much that I'm getting rusty with disc. There's a competition at the end of the month that I need to get back into the swing of things for. I won't be in novice so I expect we'll get spanked in Int or Pro. We'll see.

Gym time!


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