Thursday, February 1, 2007

anyone see Mag's luggage?

No? Neither has US Airways.

Mag is here! Woohoo!!

We're sitting on the couch, both of us typing away on our laptops after a... frustrating night. Her flight was delayed for 35 mins, but that wasn't that big a deal, I brought a book and she had one from sitting in Philly for a few hours.

We waited in the baggage area for an hour before they started sending some of the bags out. Notice I said *some* of the bags. Then we waited in a really long line with the rest of flight 804. 1/2 hour later, we learned that the bags just didn't make it on the plane.

Really. No shit sherlock. We kinda figured that out when they weren't there to grab off of the conveyor belt.

However, they'll probably be on the next plane, the nice lady behind the counter says, it'll be in at 9pm. Ok, that's not too bad. We were going to stop by my Dad's on the way home so he could say Hello to Mag. Dad only lives 20 mins from the airport - no big deal, we'll just visit a little longer and then head back to the airport.

Yeah, no such luck. Two flights came in from Philly at 9pm - neither of them had her bags on them. But, the nice guy behind the counter says, we have two more flights coming in tonight from Philly - the next one is scheduled to arrive in 20 minutes. Do we want to wait? Well, not really, but Mag would like her luggage and I would like to make sure Mag gets her luggage so ok, we'll wait.

We sit down for about 2 minutes and decide that we don't quite trust the US Airways people anymore, let's see when the flight is really coming in. Thank dog we did as it was an hour and 25 minutes until it arrived, not 25 minutes. 'k, we're not waiting.

We file a claim, give them my address and phone number. We have a choice, we can get them within a couple of hours of the last flight arrival, or we can wait until morning. Sooner is better than later, send them asap. We're on our way up the escalator when we hear Mag's name being called. Uhhh. ok. One sec, we need to spin around. We go back into the we-lost-your-luggage office and find out that the 2nd 9pm flight is actually just unloading now. Do we want to wait and see if the bags made it on that flight?

Yes. Yes we do thank-you-very-much. Most people leave the airport with their luggage. We'd like to be those people. Call us crazy.

We watch the luggage go round and round, round and round, round and round. Nope. Not Mag's bag. Neither of them. Ok, we're done playing. Time to go home.

So, if y'all see some luggage hanging around, give me a call.


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