Monday, February 5, 2007


Mag is gone.

She's in New York visiting a mutual friend of ours and will head back to Colorado to meet up with her husband. It's a pity George couldn't come up as well but I can definitely see how shooting .50 cals is a bit more exciting than visiting Boston. ;) That's probably the choice I'd a made as well!

I had a Dr's. appt. at 7:45am so Mag slept in while I went to that. I will no longer refer to my foot Dr as a nazi because she let me take the boot off. I'm not supposed to over-use it or do anything stupid for another 3-4 months. That includes wearing shoes instead of sneakers, which we all know ain't gonna happen. But, I'll at least try to minimize it, which is probably what she wants anyway. :) So I like her again. :)

I didn't want the dogs to wake Mag so I grabbed a paper and had breakfast down the street. There's really only *so* much time one can waste however, so I was back here around 8:30 or so. She was already up, making tea, and hanging with the pups.

We hung out for a bit, did some window shopping, and then had lunch at the 9's. We didn't have much time to spend since she had to be at the airport shortly thereafter. But we had a good lunch, talked about the business some more, made a list of things to add to our to do list - for when she's here and I'm there. :)

I dropped her off at the airport, gave her a big hug, and an until next time. :) I haven't done much since - caught up on a bit of Tivo, started homework, and cuddled with the kids under a blanket.

I'm *really* tired right now. It's only 7:30pm and ........Hahahaha!!! the cat just fell off the couch! :) ....I think I'll be in bed in just a little bit. I'm probably good for one more CSI and then nighty night.

Today is Jason's birthday, Friday is Mario's. I think I'll be going out for drinks after work a couple of times this week. :) Friday is also my Dad's birthday so we'll probably do something over the weekend for that. Although Saturday is Mario's party so... dunno - we'll see what happens.


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