Friday, February 2, 2007

got a lot done...

We had a busy day today, Mag & I. (After looking at the list, it doesn't look like much, but damn we were on the go the entire time!)

Here's a brief summary 'cuz I'm too damn tired for much else.

But first, Mag is looking for a few things while she's here that she can't find in Australia - a chestnutter (just look it up, I had to), some electronic stuff, and gifts for her nieces and nephews.

- We had chinese & sushi buffet for lunch,

- We visited my aunt's so I could do my cousin's hair,

- We spent hours at the Rockingham Mall (too many stores),

- We hit Babies 'R Us,

- We hit Target,

- We went to Fuddruckers for dinner,

- We talked about a few businesses we're thinking of starting in Perth.

Flyball tourney in the AM - Mag's first. She'll be taking times and shagging balls. :)



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