Monday, February 12, 2007

quick pics

This is a picture of Mag showing all of us what the type and color of her bags were. Remember when they lost them? Yup, we waited in line with the rest of the passengers from TWO flights so she could do this.

This is of Mag & Freddie at the flyball tournament I tortured her with on her visit. She said she had a good time but who knows whether she was telling the truth or not. She probably thought, 'Heck, I won't have to do this for another 5 years... Let me just shut her up for now.' :p

And finally, here she is telling me what she *really* thinks of me. :) Actually I think it was more directed at the camera. She was about done with it by the end of the trip. Oh wait, this was in the middle....nevermind. That was probably for me. :)

So I worked for a very long time today. I was a good girl and got straight into homework when I got home. I'll be saying a big hallelujah when this class is over. My poor pups, they've been so neglected the past couple of days.

I'm not planning on taking the whole day off like I said I would. I think I'll only take half a day - go in late (dr's appt) and leave early. I did get quite a bit done so I'm ok with that.

I think I was still a little hung-over today too. A co-worker commented on my hands shaking and asked if I had a good weekend. :) So I guess it was kind of obvious that I had! Funny shit.

The light just went off - apparently it's time for bed.

Observation for the day: There are far too many sticks up people's asses these days. Makes me just want to kick the stick so it goes further north and busts an artery or something. Do we not all shit? And does it not all stink?


p.s. My dog's feet smell like corn chips and I like it. So there.

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