Friday, February 2, 2007

US Airways has great internal communication skills..

The bags did not arrive at 4am like they said they would. Real surprise there.

8am - we call the local number on the ticket - no answer. Ever. We call the 800 number on the ticket and we connect with someone after multiple Press 1 for options. The lady tells Mag the bags came in on the 11pm flight and will be delivered before noon. Ok, we'll laze about until then. That's no stretch!

At 10:30am we figure out that we could've gone down to Logan, picked up the bags, and could be back by then. So we call again. This time I speak with them because Mag thinks that people sometimes have a hard time understanding her. I get a not-so-thrilled-with-my-job-today man who, in a very bored voice, tells me that they have one bag, but the other is still missing in action. Wait, didn't the lady we spoke to earlier say both bags were in? Are they there? He doesn't know. he doesn't know where the other bag is or if they're on the delivery truck or if they're sitting right in front of him.

Ok, well, how does she get compensated for this? We can go online and print out a form. The URL is listed on the receipt, and I'm already there. I don't see a form. I don't see a "Delayed Bags" option. Can you repeat the URL? Ok, that's right. I don't see what you're telling me I should see. he says, I give out that same URL and nobody else has a problem finding it. Well, I know sometimes I can be quite ditzy, but I'm looking, as we're speaking, and I'm not seeing a link for a form. He says, well, it's there. I say, Sir, do you think I'm deliberately lying to you? No, he doesn't think that. Well, then can you tell me where the form is please? On hold for a minute while he looks it up himself. Ok, so you go to and then you click on the link at the top or left that says "Baggage". Ok, so I have to go to the baggage policies page and then backtrack to the baggage home page. Is that right? Silence. That is correct, yes? Yes, Ma'am. Ok, (and now I'm just busting his balls) so if I go to www. I have to click on the baggage link at the top to get to the delayed bags portion where the form is located, right? Just wanted to be sure that I wasn't able to see it by just going to the URL that nobody else has a problem with.

Fine, we'll shower and get moving. Maybe the bags will be here when we get back. I jump in the shower, then Mag. As Mag is just about to jump in the shower, the delivery van shows up. With two bags. Yay!!!

I wonder if US Airways is still looking for the "missing" bag.


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