Sunday, February 11, 2007

fun weekend...

It was a busy weekend, but fun. :)

I spent all of Saturday day doing homework and catching up on schoolwork. Saturday night I went to Mario & Cathy's for Mario's birthday party. I left here around 7pm and got home around 5am. There are a few pictures.

The kids got me up around 9:30am. I was *very* hungover and became a drooling blob on the couch for an hour plus. Then I had to get ready for the Poker tournament. I was easy prey, let me tell you! So I lost 20 bucks but had a good time. :) I brought my camera but didn't have enough mental capacity to remember to *take* pictures. Ah well. :)

I'll have to take a day off, probably Tuesday, to finish my final project. I'm so thankful that this class ends on Wednesday. :)

I'm really tired and still trying to get my brain to work so I'm off to bed. Do you think I'm getting too old for this shit? :p

Nah... ;)


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