Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hump Day

It's not like I can even complain about the week. I had Monday off and I worked from home Tuesday. But today is hump day and there's only a few days left until the weekend.

As I said, I worked from home yesterday - actually got quite a bit done as well! Last night was homework time. I have my final project due next week (not sure when) and I'm thinking I should really start working on that. :)

I think I have things to do this weekend though so I'm not sure when I'll actually get to it. Mario's party Saturday, practice & Poker tournament on Sunday. Fingers crossed that I come home with the big cash prize. :)

I think I'm grabbing a beer after work to celebrate Jason's b-day. Then I think Lisa is coming over to watch the latest CSI with me. Then I need to finish homework that was due last week and this week. Piece of cake.



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