Saturday, February 24, 2007

do me a favor...

Everybody go out and buy some of that Activia yogurt stuff. Nobody deserves to walk into a room, ask their parent how they're doing, and receive "I'm feeling bloated; irregular" as a response. Better yet, just vow to never utter those words in the same sentence to anyone. Ever. I think we can all agree that scenario fits into the TMI category.

So! Let's look at all the things I was supposed to, but didn't, get done today, shall we? I'm kidding, there really wasn't much on the To Do list for today. I was gonna go shopping and pick something up for the funeral, but I actually don't need to. Shocking I know. I'm not saying I'll be as stylish as my sister - that will probably never happen (unless she dresses me.) But I won't be as bad as my Dad, who is still seriously considering wearing jeans to the wake and funeral. Gotta love my Dad.

I was supposed to get more tissues. I was also supposed to pick up Vitamin Water. All I have here is beer and hot chocolate - normally not that bad a deal at all.

My head feels like it's filled with Styrofoam. I have the sniffles, still. It's so weird, 'cuz I'm not sick! I don't feel badly at all except for not being able to breathe through my nose and the fact that I'm incredibly sluggish. I don't think my plan to drown the evil sniffles virus with hot chocolate is working. It might be time to switch to the 'disinfect the sniffles virus with bourbon' plan. :)

So I've been on the computer, watching TV, napping, reading, and playing solitaire while trying to breathe through my nose.

I'm either going to take another nap, or make another cup of hot chocolate.

Please send Vitamin Water - either the dragonfruit kind (vitamin C is good for the sniffles) or the fruitpunch kind (it's called 'revive'.) Or bourbon, that would work too. :p


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