Wednesday, February 21, 2007

quick rant.

Seriously, this just happened.

I went into the bathroom to take something for my stuffy nose. I pull out the stuff I want, pull out the sheet o' pills, and proceed to bend along the perforated lines in order to take the recommended dosage. I get that little section off and have to peel off the wax paper backing. Ok, no problem. I try to stab my nail through the tinfoil-like backing to no avail. I notice there's one of those "rip here" notches along the top of said section. Ok, I can't stab through it, I have to rip it. Cool.

The next 2 1/2 minutes resemble something out of a Three Stooges show. I can't get the "rip here" section to even rip! Elbows up in the air, straining in the fetal position, tongue hanging out one side of my mouth, the works. I can't get the freakin' thing open! Waaaaaaahhhhh!

People, I'm not feeling good. That's why I'm taking medication. You don't want sharp implements in my hands trying to stab two little pills out of a plastic container the size of a stamp! Let's use some common sense here! I don't have the energy to wrestle with modern packaging materials. I want to take my little pills and go to bed.

This is going to sound heartless, but it's how I feel at this particular moment in time. I don't care about childproof containers! I want my meds to be in an easy-to-get-to package. I'm sick. I don't have the dexterity, wits, strength, or brain function to figure this out. Gimme my damn pills! Let the parents worry about childproof packaging!

Parents: Please lock up your medication and be nice, responsible parents so I don't have to suffer because you're not keeping an eye on your kid. Please?

I finally said screw it and took Nyquil. Look at that, it's childproof AND easy to work when you have the intellect equivalent to a cat turd. :p

*sniff, sniff*



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