Wednesday, March 14, 2007

blog before bed

The photo shoot with the dogs went well. I know it doesn't matter much but I was embarrassed for my boys. :) The first 3 outfits were pink. A pink plaid sweater, a pink dress, and a pink work out shirt. Apparently the boys are secure enough in their manhood as they didn't seem to mind at all. :) So, if you come across a chocolate Min Pin wearing a dress in a magazine, that's my boy. :p

They used Millie for an incontinence pad ad for old dogs. Then they used the boys for a few more outfits - couple of jackets and some more shirts. Before all of that, they used all of the dogs in an ad for a grooming magazine. They brought a bunch of people in from the office and had them act like they were watching the groomer train the dog (Millie.)

All in all it was pretty good. :)

I got home around 1'ish and worked until the washer guy arrived. A hose that connected to the tub popped off, that was it. Nice quick fix. :)

Later in the day, I got a call from Kevin - he wanted to vent about a few things. I mean, that's what friends are for! We talked for over an hour about stuff going on in his life. It was all well and good, except that it made me late for my date with *T*. Sigh.

So I was 20 mins late meeting *T*. I felt *awful*! Considering we were both pressed for time and almost didn't go out. But, as far as I can tell we both had a great time. :) We'll see if there's a third date. :p

I worked from home in the morning because I had a Dr's appt. later that morning. I was so frustrated and had such a headache afterwards that I just went home. I spent the afternoon on the couch resting me, my back, and my head.

Jason came by for dinner and beer. We finally tucked into the growlers I got from the Portsmouth Brewing Co. I made ribs in the crock pot (Thanks Rob!) and potatoes. He met the kids and made the mistake of thinking it was no big thing to throw the ball for Freddie. :) Actually, he made fun of me for using the Chuckit so I told him to be my guest. About 20 minutes later he was done and Freddie was still raring to go. No surprise there.

We ate, he ate too much, and we watched Jackass Two with some fine beer. Scratch that, *I* had some fine beer. He was too full to join me. Hey, more for me!! lol I'm finishing off the Creem (that's how they spelled it..) Ale as I type. :)

My commute *SUCKED* this morning. I found out afterwards why - a person got hit by a few cars on the highway. What he was doing walking on the highway, I have no idea. I feel bad, that's a pretty sucky way to die.

Work sucked as well - just a continuation from the commute. My 1 1/2 hr commute made me 1/2 hr late for a meeting. Another meeting after that and then a few more surprise "oh by the way, this going into production tonight" tasks to do before I left for the day. Ugh.

Terrie & I hit the gym this afternoon. Someone moved the fan so that it doesn't hit the elliptical machine I usually use. Bastards. I assumed the fetal position in between exercises - guess what I got today. Yay.

But, I can't bitch about the weather!! 70 degrees today. It's almost like the weather is following the time change! I checked on my flowerbeds when I got home and besides the stupidly crazy amount of weeding I have to do, I have flowers! My crocuses are up and blooming. :) There are a bunch of leaves coming up as well - I think they're tulips.

I wish we had a day this weekend like today... that would rock! But instead, we're getting rain and snow. That's ok, I'll be able to get some kick-ass pictures of the crocuses peeking out of the snow. :) It's the little things in life!

There were a bunch of birds at the feeder this morning too. I even got a cardinal on the deck! I hung up one of the thistle feeders to see if I can get any colorful birds to come around. I need to pick up a few of those hooks that connects to the deck railing so I can put up a few more. Maybe I can entice some hummingbirds too... I think I still have that feeder.

Anyway, I'm getting excited for spring! I'm thinking of all the things I need to get done outside and I'm at the stage where they aren't daunting and scary! They will be soon enough I'm sure.

Ok, stick a fork in me, I'm done.


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