Friday, March 30, 2007


It's official. Jason no longer works for the same company I do. :'(

My days are going to *suck* when he's not online. Seriously. And I mean *seriously* *suck*. I did remember my camera tho' and got some pictures. He tried to get away at one point, but apparently he forgot about a little thing called "zoom." Heh.

Wondering who Jason/Jay is? A friend that I have great conversations with...even though chatting with me is "exhausting", according to him. ;) I'm sure he was jesting. ;) Without further adu, may I present Jason (and Kevin and Wayne, other names you've heard.)

After work I picked up a crate from a friend that didn't need it anymore. It's a good puppy size, but will be too small for her when she's grown. That's ok, I'll switch it out with one of the Min Pin crates when she needs it. Their crates are far larger than they need anyway. I think I even have a separator panel downstairs too. Yippee. :)

I have to go shopping for puppy stuff tomorrow morning. Stuart is going home tomorrow morning too. Then the poker tournament at 3pm. Should be a fun time. :)

I spoke with Jo this morning, I'm going to head over there right after flyball practice Sunday morning. Cheryl is heading over there around noon to pick her puppy. Once she does that, I'll know exactly which one I'm getting. It will be sheer torture sitting there playing with all the puppies while I wait. Sheer torture. :)

I also got to talk to Sue today too!!! She's been MIA for weeks due to the baby being sick and starting a new job. She's really enjoying it and is so excited to go to work everyday. :) Good for her! I kinda remember what that was like. :p She might take a ride with me to pick up the puppy!! Fingers crossed. :)

That's all for now. :)


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