Sunday, March 11, 2007


I think I've mentioned that my Dad had a heart attack a while back. I also think I've mentioned that he *only* drinks Watermelon-Kiwi Fruit2O. In addition to that, I'm pretty sure I've talked about the wonderful people at Market Basket that special order said Fruit2O.

Well, disaster has struck. The wonderful people at Market Basket are no longer able to special order said Fruit2O. It has been discontinued. I had the unfortunate pleasure of informing my father of this tragedy, which went oh so well, lemme tell ya. He's pissed. REALLY pissed.

I really wouldn't want to be the poor slob at Fruit2O that has to read and respond to emails sent from the Fruit2O website. The 'discontinued' information prompted my father to visit their website, confirm the vile rumor was true, and proceed to send an email. I have no idea what kind of "tone" was used. Poor Fruit2O worker.

So, if any of you just happen to work for a grocery distributor that just happens to have a full pallet of Watermelon-Kiwi Fruit2O that you just happen to need to get rid of, please let me know. :)

In other news, I completely forgot about the whole time change thing and was late for flyball practice this morning. Every clock in the house changed on it's own. Except for my alarm clock. :) The key clock that needs to be changed if I want to get up on time. :) Lesson learned: change the alarm clock before bed. :)

After practice, I came home and tidied up a bit, did more laundry, and then finished the dishes. I headed over to my grandparent's house to visit. My aunt is sick so I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things for her and my grandparents. Then I hung out chatting and having coffee.

My grandfather isn't doing so well unfortunately. :( His age is really starting to catch up with him. He's supposed to be on oxygen 24/7 but he doesn't do it. He's supposed to use his nebulizer three times a day but he doesn't do it. His short term memory is gone so he asks a question and 10 minutes later asks it again. He doesn't have much to say anymore and walks around the house looking out the windows. It breaks my heart. :(

I ran a quick errand then came home. You won't *believe* how productive I was! I folded the two huge baskets (hamper style, not those short little things) of laundry in the bedroom that have been sitting there f-o-r-e-v-e-r. To give you an idea on how adept I am in the art of procrastination, I started folding sheets, then moved on to Christmas and Halloween socks, then finally hit the pile of shorts, tank tops, towels, and swimsuits. Now *that's* procrastination!

My washer started leaking water so I found the receipt and the warranty and scheduled an appointment online on the Whirlpool website. They'll be here tomorrow between 12 and 5pm. I can't believe I found all the necessary paperwork. Freakin' amazing!

I found a bunch of little shit and put all of that away too. Then I started dinner and threw it in the oven. Then I started homework. Would you believe I finished allllllllll of my homework for the week? Neither can I!! But I did. :)

Then I trimmed Millie's nails. Then I matched up all the socks that were strewn amongst the laundry baskets. Then I got all the recycling together. Then I ate and packaged the leftovers for lunch for the week.

I have no idea what's come into me, but I hope it lasts!! I need to clean out that spare room. :p

Tomorrow morning is the photo shoot, the afternoon I'm working from home, and tomorrow night I'm going out with *T* for round two of the dating game. I wonder where we're going.

I found out today I have to pay taxes this year. I'm so thrilled. So, Dawn is for hire. Let me know what you need done and I'll do it. :) Be nice, I'm talking website design and coding, custom graphics, and consulting on usability and functionality. Get in touch. :)

I think I'll go stare at the bedroom ceiling for a while. It's past my bedtime but I'm not tired.


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