Sunday, March 25, 2007

playin' with the puppies...

Yesterday: Got most of my homework done before I left. Help set up the rings for the UKC trial. Stopped by Mario & Cathy's on the way home. Hung out, watched a movie, and had a few beers. Left when it started to snow very heavily. Did 45 mph the whole way home. Got here and had 10 mins to finish and submit my homework. Got it in with 40 seconds to spare. Watched TV and went to bed.

Up again at 8am because the kids didn't feel like sleeping anymore. Ripped some music (I'm getting bored with the choices) and got the directions set for Jo's house. Listening to Controlled Aggression (boy I miss seeing them live) while waiting for Donna to arrive. Then we're off to see the PUPPIES! Pics to be posted later today/tonight.

Camera is charged. I'm clean and dressed. I need coffee. And food.

I wish I could take Millie with me, but it would be far too much for her since she doesn't like other dogs at first meeting. She'll get used to the puppy, but she ain't gonna like it much.

Waiting.... Just waiting....


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