Thursday, March 29, 2007

much better...

Things are pretty much back to normal. :)

I was busy every night doing homework. I aced my final, of course. :) Now I have 6 weeks to concentrate on the puppy until my next class. It will be difficult once that happens tho'. Real hard.

I had no internet access Wednesday morning so I put a call into Comcast. They came and fixed that.

Wednesday afternoon I had my insurance appeal hearing. I had to go into Somerville for the hearing. There was a person there that "represented" the insurance company and read off the police report. To refresh, this was for the car accident I got into Dec. '05. At first my insurance said it wasn't my fault, gave me back my deductible, and wished me luck. 4 months later, they changed their mind, which put 4 points on to my record. "Technically" it was my fault because I was taking a left out of a driveway on to a 2 lane road. Except I had no clue it was a 2 lane road. Someone stopped to let me go, so I went. There wasn't a white dashed line to indicate it was two lanes, nor were there any signs.

Anyway, I told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I'll find out in 2 weeks "officially" what the decision is, but the guy said he was going to reverse it because the van that stopped to let me go impeded my vision. While I didn't even think of that point, it's true. If it had been a Miata, I would've seen the other car. Thankfully that's all set and my insurance can go back to normal. :) The guy said he didn't want to see me again. I told him, no offense, but I didn't want to see him again either. :)

Today was work, lunch with Jason, work, and more work. :) Stopped at the supermarket on the way home, changed the kitty litter box when I got home (the reason I went to the supermarket in the first place), and played with the dogs. Then I tortured all of the animals by cutting cheese and hot dogs into training sized pieces. Right in front of their little noses. :) I always drop pieces tho' so they were pretty happy. I threw a handful of it on the floor for them to have afterwards. Yup, they have me wrapped around their little paws.

I'm sure all of my friends are stupidly tired of hearing me talk about the puppy by now. But, I can't help it and it's only going to get worse once she's here. Fair warning to all of you fine folks. :p

Jason's last day at work is tomorrow. He says he's going to be online and we'll still be able to chat like normal. But I'm not sure I believe that. ;) I know if *I* didn't have to work, I wouldn't be stuck on the computer the whole time! I'm going to miss having him around....he was a breath of sanity in a not-so-sane world. Sigh. We're taking him out to lunch tomorrow to celebrate. I ask you, who's going to be celebrating?! I'll be in mourning. heh.

I decided to go to the Poker tournament on Saturday instead of watching *T* shoot fireworks at his friends. Yup, that's what he does for fun. Can I pick 'em or what? :p

So that's what's new with me. How about you? :)


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