Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday, Friday

The day I've been waiting for has arrived!

Yes, my friends, it's Friday. A day welcomed by almost every working man and woman. It means there are very few hours left that we are required to work for the man. Very soon, our time will become our own for 2 short, but sweet days. I do like Fridays. ;)

Not much went on yesterday. Worked, had lunch with Jay, went to the gym with Terrie, worked some more. Nothing big. I caught up with Angelica, haven't talked to her in ages. I found out that she had to put her old guy, Koffan, to sleep on Wed. :( Having just been there 6 months ago, I can relate. I hope I was able to help ease a little something, but I doubt it. Nothing anyone said back then helped. It was only time....sigh.

I played with the dogs for a while. They enjoyed running around in the yard without falling through the foot of snow. I can't *believe* how much melted yesterday! Almost enough where I have to pump the water off of the pool cover. :)

I was beat last night so I vegged and cuddled with the pups. That's it! I went to bed at a decent hour tho', first time in a long time. I may even make it into work on time today. Ok, maybe not "on time" per se, but I won't be *as* late. :)

Today I'm having lunch with Kate, gym with Terrie, drinks with Cathy & Terrie after work. Oh yeah, and I plan on working too! Since Cathy won't be able to make it up until 6'ish, I'll be able to clock a few extra hours no problem today.

This weekend is busy with dog stuff. I think I'm helping set up the UKC trial tomorrow night and helping clean up Sunday. Donna and I talked about getting the dogs together and going for a hike. That may or may not happen on Sunday. I left her a message seeing if she wanted to go up and visit the puppies instead (one of which will be mine shortly.) ;) I think she'll say yes. :p

I think there's a few other things going on this weekend, but I don't quite remember what they are. No shock there, I know.

Oh, the plumbing is all fixed. Apparently there was a plastic bag in the sewer stack somewhere...? Whatever, I can use my sink now. :) This spring I have to figure out where to get a cap for some pipe that's sticking out of my roof. Scratch that, my Dad has to figure out where to get a cap for some pipe that's sticking out of my roof. :)

I think I mentioned my crocuses are up and blooming. Now that they aren't covered with snow anymore, I plan on taking pictures. Now I just have to wait for the ground to thaw so I can plant the billion other bulbs that have been patiently waiting in the fridge.

I love spring. :)


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Kim said...

So have you picked a pup yet ? And are you going to rename them ? If so, what are you leaning towards ?