Friday, March 2, 2007

What the hell...

Did they shorten the week or something? I'm at a funeral Monday, next thing I know it's Friday.

I didn't get out of work until 7pm last night. I'm a little less than pleased with that shit. But, I got a number of things off of my plate thankfully. No more connection issues, no more statistics to wade through, no more mockups - well, that's not true but the most urgent ones are done. Shit. I might even be able to do my job today.

I'm pretty sure my commute this morning is going to suck ass in the biggest way possible. I should jump in the shower now and get moving, but alas, I'm procrastinating. I have to stop and get cashola for lunch and the weekend. Can't forget.

I worked on Wayne's logo for a bit last night before my head started nodding. It's hard to design a logo for someone when they don't have a clear idea on what they want. Just sayin'.

I guess I've procrastinated enough about the date tho'. It went well. :) We had dinner, and a great selection of beer, at the Portsmouth Brewery. They have these 3 1/2oz. sampler racks that were fun and tasty. :)

I was joking with Jay before hand about needing a designated driver for the date. Would that have been in bad taste? To show up with a friend so I could enjoy the fine selection of beverages without worrying about the driving part? I mean, I had never partaken of this brewery's wares. Of course I had to try them all! heh.

Anyway, *T* is a really nice guy - he could so take over the movie phone guy's job, he has that kind of voice. :) We had a blast talking and laughing - not much different than any other lunch/dinner with friends. :) Thankfully he's really quite funny. Of course I'm a hoot as well so the combination made for a lot of laughing and giggling. I'm a girl, I can giggle if I want to. Sometimes I can't help it. Make that frequently. Unfortunately it was getting late and I still had the drive home so we hung out after dinner for just a bit and then parted ways.

The kiss was nice. :)

So, we'll see what happens. I know that isn't nearly as exciting as some of the bad dates I've posted on here. Actually, I really just post the stupidly ridiculous ones. But, it's refreshing to have a date that I didn't want to run screaming from. Quite refreshing, actually.

Enough procrastinating. I must be off to the place-that-can-not-be-named. :p


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