Saturday, March 17, 2007

it's cold

Brrr. :)

Last night I dug out the 2 dinosaur computers out of the closet. I couldn't boot one of them up, but I retrieved the hard drive. The other one I could boot up a couple of times before it decided to shit the bed. The bad part is that I found some old pictures from Glen's BBQs and some pics of the dogs. The good part is that I can probably fix it with some time and lots of swearing.

Since I don't plan on going out today at all, looks like I have the time. :) I'm sure I can handle the swearing part. ;)

So I paid 2 of the kids that live down the street to shovel my driveway. $20 bucks is a lot for them, plus $5 for digging out the car. :) There's a big difference in how the kids do it these days versus back in my day. Shit I sound so old. I can't believe I'm saying this shit. Anyway, my friends used to grab a few shovels and walk around the neighborhood shoveling the driveways. A lot of hard work, tho' the driveways weren't as long in the old neighborhood.

These days, the kids walk around shoveling the driveways, they start at the top. Then their parents find out where they are, and bring the snow blower down, "to do the heavy stuff at the end." What?

So the heavy crap the plows push around is now gone, there's still a good amount of driveway left to do. The kids can handle it, it's all light enough, right? Nah. The dad ends up using the snow blower on the whole driveway, up to my car. I really don't care how it gets gone, as long
as it gets gone.

So let's recap and see just what the kids *did* do, shall we? The cleared off the car? Check. They cleared a shovel width of space on either side of the car? Check. They cleared a shovel width of space in front of the car? Check.

That's it! I hope the dad asks for a cut for the snow blowing. ;) Might as well teach them what the real world is like, right?!

Boiled dinner is on the stove. It takes hours and hours to cook but is well worth it. I never had boiled dinner as a kid. My Dad is Irish but doesn't like it, my Mom is Italian and did most of the cooking. An ex-boyfriend's family used to make it and I loved it so I started making it myself. The key to a great boiled dinner is using gray corned beef. You have to add a few Bay Leaves to the water too. Yummy!

So besides relaxing allll day, there will be boiled dinner and good beer in my future. :)


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