Thursday, March 15, 2007


So I yawned this morning and apparently I did it the wrong way. Did you know you could yawn incorrectly? Neither did I. But, apparently you can because I can't open my mouth that well anymore. Not necessarily a bad thing if you're tired of hearing me talking I suppose. :)

So whatever connects my ear to my jaw is... stretched? Bruised? Pulled? Dunno. It hurts tho'. This is like throwing your back out sneezing. It's just stupid.

I left work at a normal time tonight, only to turn around and head right back in for an hour. Rt 3 was a parking lot. 128 was a parking lot. I figured it was better to get another hour on the clock then spend it on the highway getting all pissed off. As it was, all of the assholes from hell were on the road at 6:30. Directionals are only suggestions after all and it really doesn't matter if my car is currently occupying the space they're trying to get into. Grrr.

I noticed that my speedometer goes up to 140mph. First, I highly doubt the minivan could get that high without shooting a piston through my hood. Second, I can't imagine what it would look like - a minivan doing a buck forty down the highway. Heh.

I was looking for a picture today and I found a freakin' *ton* from like 2000. Pics of Jeff and Mario, Brian with Glen, Me with Elissa, lots of old pics. It makes me want to power up the 2 old dinosaurs in the closet and see what's on them. I bet there's some pretty funny shit. :)

Jason's been on vacation all week and I think I'm losing my mind. My chatting skills are severely suffering. The lack of witty banter about work, beer, and people is shriveling my mind. I checked, it's much smaller.

Time. Why can't we keep it on daylight savings time all the time? It was started to save energy way back when. But how exactly does it do that? You don't have to turn on a light earlier but your AC is still cranking away! What the hell is the point?

I bitch because, like every year, I'm still having trouble adjusting to the loss of sleep. My body doesn't like it when the time changes. Nosiree bob it don't. Unless you're giving me an extra hour of sleep, then it's pretty darn happy. Eh, in another couple of weeks my body will be used to it and I won't care.

Well, Millie is standing in the hallway letting me know it's time for bed so I guess I better get going. I should train her to be an alarm clock for waking up, not going to bed. :p


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