Saturday, March 10, 2007

miss me? :p

I've been busy lately, hence the silent treatment. Lately, heh. Let me rephrase - I've been busier than normal lately. :)

Let's see, Wednesday I took a trip down to CT for the longest recorded deposition in CT's history. My attorney said 1 - 1 1/2 hrs. It took 2 1/2 hrs. Thankfully the traffic wasn't bad coming back north. Also thankfully I wasn't rear-ended by a cement company truck on the way home again. Bonus. :) I think I got home around 7:30pm or so.

Thursday, work was really busy - ridiculously so. To make the day crazier, Jay & I went out for lunch and got stuck in traffic on the way back. Our 1 hr lunch turned into a 3 hr lunch, which kept me at work until 7:30pm or so. I then worked from home for the rest of the night to finish a few things needed for the next day.

Friday, we went out to lunch - Macaroni Grill. I hate that freakin' place. But, I had a good time; laughing at all the things the men say and do, trying to be funny and cute for the waitresses. It really gets ridiculous at times and Friday was one of those days. I think my face was red for like an hour afterwards from laughing so hard. The abs got a serious workout that day.

After work, Terri & I headed over to Flatbreads - I was meeting Cathy there for dinner and drinks. We had a good time, like always, just chatting, drinking, eating, and laughing. Sarah came and sat with us for a while, that was fun. She's one of the managers there that we see and talk to every week. It was cool to hang out and chat socially, have a beer together, since she was off the clock. Terri said goodnight early - she had plans to go see a movie or something with her husband.

Just a little advertisement for a favorite restaurant: If you haven't tried Flatbreads, go do it. Now. Everything is organic, there's a really neat brick oven with a real fire that cooks the pizza, the atmosphere is incredible, the staff even better, the food is wicked tasty, and most important of all, they have great beer. :) Last night we had Smoked Salmon pizza. I know. It sounds gross and strange, and normally if someone told me about it, I'd be thinking exactly what you're thinking right now. BUT! It was really good! Just what the hell are capers anyway?

Around 9pm we took off and went to the mall. Cathy needed to get a few gifts for a kids party and I had to pick up something to work out in. I also needed more Satsuma lotion. I think I got home from that around 10:30pm. I had something due for homework so I was up until 12:3oam or so doing that.

I'm so lucky that my pups are so forgiving. :)

Today, I spent the morning on the computer screwing around. Ellin and Joe came by to visit for a bit. We were commenting on the ridiculous weather - it's like 50 degrees out! My lips are chapped from the 6 degree weather we've had the last week but today it's 50. Only in New England.

After they left, I jumped back on the computer and did some homework. I turned in everything that was due and started on the rest of my assignments for rest o the week. Me? Doing things ahead of time? Shocking, I know, but true. :) I got some laundry done - still have a ton of dog laundry tho'. I gave Millie a bath, much to her chagrin. I still have to do her nails, but I can do that tomorrow. The boys are next for a bath. Monday they have a photo shoot for PetEdge and need to be nicely groomed. :)

Tomorrow I have flyball practice in the morning. I haven't been in a while (she says sheepishly.) But, not all of it was me just being a party freak! ;) I'm considering bringing Pacie... it'll give him something to do. I'm not sure tho' - I don't know if him being physically active affects his kidneys in a negative way or not. I shouldn't take the chance until I know for sure. Ok, decision made. :)

After that I have to visit my grandparents. I haven't been by in a while and I was supposed to go over today. Homework tripped that plan up. Originally I was supposed to look in on them since my Aunt was going to be away, but she got sick and ended up staying home. They made lunch for me today, which I'll eat for lunch tomorrow. :)

I think there's a few other things I have to do tomorrow, but I have no idea what they are right now. Oh, I wanted to take a ride to Home Depot - have to pick up a new filter for the furnace and a light switch plate for the hallway. I think I've decided to paint the kitchen so I should probably pick up that stuff. I have to paint the livingroom soon too, as well as sand and refinish the baseboards. Ugh.

Is that enough stuff for you? :p


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