Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ahhhhhhhh :)

I'm so into the 70 degree weather we're having!!! I hope it continues.

I had nothing to do this weekend and now , well, I'm booked. Donna's coming by with Rio to hang out, take pictures of the puppy (I'm so freakin' thrilled!), and then go for a walk somewhere. I have to find a place up here that has walking trails where dogs are allowed. Anyone know of any?

Tomorrow is practice and then I'll spend the entire day doing yard stuff. Maybe get the landscaping around the pool done, planting the billion bulbs that are in the fridge, cutting the grass and getting all of the thatch up - lots of stuff!

I'm looking forward to opening the pool! I know it's still early, but whatever. :) I'll probably do it when I get back from Camp BarkingHills in May.

But I have to jump in the shower if I'm going to be ready when Donna gets here! I'll post the pics when she puts them up. :) I believe you can even order them! Who doesn't want a pic of my cute puppy on their wall? ;)


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