Tuesday, April 10, 2007

border creep

With a headline like that.... nevermind. :) So, Tweak is starting to show her instinctive qualities. :) Yesterday I saw her do the Border creep to a few stuffed animals, which was cool. :) She just did it to a ball on a rope, which is what made me think of it.

My sister took this picture on Sunday. I like it, it's kinda cute.

She was having none of the hair brushing this morning. Nosiree bob. Wasn't havin' none of that. So I have to pull out my trusty clicker and make grooming a fun time.... like everything else.

I'm utterly exhausted today - up too late on the phone. I'm pretty sure that not having stopped moving in the last week has certainly helped with that feeling. She's fun, but tiring!! Maybe I just need a nap. :)

Well, it's all been about the puppy and I'm too tired to go into detail so that's about it. :) Look at the picture again. Awwwww. How nice. :)



Kim & Beans said...

Having NO idea what 'border creep' is, I googled it, of course.

And this made me LAUGH!


Especially the part about 'stomping on the cats head to get them moving again'

Not that this has ANYTHING to do with your house, but it still amused me.

And I learned what 'border creep' is - Bonus.

She's adorable - How much will she weigh full grown ? Bigger than Millie ? I was surprised at how large she is already from the picture.

Off to give Beanie a bath :)


Dawn said...

Oh yeah, that will be my house! hahaha

Shell probably be about 40lbs or so. Equal to or a little shorter than Millie but not nearly as stocky.

Can you see her herding the Pins? :)