Friday, April 27, 2007

what a day....

Tweak & I left the house around 9:30'ish. First we drove to Sally's to see if they had my color and THEY DIDN'T!!!! Super huge, wicked big sigh. I picked something else, hoping it would suffice.

Afterwards, we went to the hair dressers. I thought my appt was at 11, but it was actually at noon. Sigh. But, it didn't matter as she only had one other person in front of me. I brought the puppy in with me so she could meet more people. I think we're up to about 75 people in less than 30 days. Woohoo! We'll easily top the people number in the "for good socialization a puppy needs to meet 100 people, 100 dogs, and go 100 places in 100 days" theory. We're really down on the dog number, but I'll be taking her to puppy class, at least to play with other dogs and probably to train as well, starting next week. I just need to figure out how to add 2 more hours into my Mondays and Wednesdays...sigh. I have to do it, so I will, but boy am I a busy little girl lately.

Let me tell you how awesome she was at the hair dressers!! I brought the crate in so she could hang out and chew a bone while I was getting worked on. She met all the people that were in there, played for a bit, was held for a bit, and then hung out in the crate until Faith was done putting the color on. Then we went outside, went potty, and played in a couple of puddles. Back in the crate so we could finish my hair. I'm not thrilled with the color choice but it's no body's fault but my own. I wanted chunky blond streaks in the front and on the side, which I got, but not as many streaks/as much blond as I wanted. So I'm not that happy with it. The cut is good though. I'll just have to make sure I order my color from (I still can't freakin' believe that one) before I need it colored again. I'm also going to get it done right when it needs to be, instead of waiting another 6 months. Ah well. :)

After that, we drove to the vet's office. We had some time to kill so we stopped at a Petsmart and did a little training while meeting more people. :) The vet was *packed* today!! There were at least 6 dogs in the waiting room, one being another 11 week old puppy that she played with until it was time to go into a room. We worked on 'down' while we were sitting waiting. The vet's office is one of the best places to train, ever! So if you ever get a puppy and want a really great place where your puppy can meet people and other dogs, while training in a distracting environment, your vet's office is the place to be! I was really, really impressed with how many times and how long she was able to focus on me. We got at least 6 solid sessions of between 4-7 minutes of lying down with people walking around and dogs coming and going. I was soooooo pleased!! Of COURSE Dr. Lisa was thoroughly impressed with her. :) I know I'm biased, but she really does have a great personality. :p

She got her 2nd series of shots and a kennel cough vaccine. Normally I don't vaccinate against kennel cough because there are so many strains out there and not all of them are in the vaccine. So even though she got the vaccine, she can still get kennel cough. With the recent outbreak at the last flyball tournament, I figured I'd err on the side of caution and vaccinate for it anyway.

After that, we had some time to kill until it was time for Susan's going away party so we headed over to Dad's to say hello. She played and played with one of the cat toys, so Dad gave it to Tweak as a gift. :p

Then we were off to the training center for the party. We were there a little early so we sat and listened to my book on CD until Gerilyn & Paul arrived. She met another 17+ people, 5 of which were very young children, along with Karen's 4 month old puppy, Snap, and Reggae, an older Golden. The puppies played and played and played and were held by just about everyone multiple times. :) Awesome socialization! I was expecting her to pass out once we got home. Ha! Silly Dawn, tricks are for kids! She's wrestled with Millie, tortured the cats, and played with Pacie for the past 2 hours. :p She's currently chewing on a tennis ball while lying at my feet. It's about damn time. ;)

Tomorrow I have to pick up a ton o' meat from the butcher before meeting Glen & Elissa around 10'ish. We'll head down to pick up the bed, and probably go out for lunch or dinner afterwards. I think that's all I have planned for the day!! Maybe I can take the rest of that time and actually clean out the spare room like I was supposed to at some point this week. In my own defense, I wasn't even just being lazy, I've been busy. I'll have to store the bed downstairs until I can clean out that room. Sigh.

I also have to start taking the facing off the half wall sometime before Tuesday. Jason's coming over to look at what's underneath for framing so we can start planning for the bookcase. I'm really hoping we can get it done (I say we, but I'll be on the couch :p ) while I'm out of the office from the surgery. Fingers crossed.

Ok kids, I think I've typed enough for one night. :)


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