Thursday, April 12, 2007

almost over...

Its Thursday and the work week is almost over. Between work and Tweak, Ive been falling into bed exhausted every night. I'm not really complaining, it's been a good kind of tired. :)

Pacie and Tweak are playing tug of war with one of the tugs right now. She's starting to understand the game better.... she's also starting to hold her own a bit more instead of constantly being trampled. :p

I started working on "touch" with her, which she's picking up pretty quickly! She's doing really well with sit, down, and come. I guess I should start teaching her her name. That would help, huh?

Jason didn't come by last night, he had some kind of business meeting or something. He's such a flake at times - one of my more unreliable friends. It's a good thing we're just friends because that would drive me insane otherwise. He's supposed to come by Saturday instead to see the puppy. She'll be grown before he gets a chance to!!

I worked with Tweak last night instead. :) She's getting better on the tug - she was doing this funny thing where she would tug like a maniac, but only if she was facing the same way as me and was between my legs. :p (She's using Millie as a jungle gym now) I've just been spinning her around in a circle so she's always facing me or to the side, which seems to be working. :)

Well, time to make her work for her breakfast!!


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