Monday, April 2, 2007


The boys are jealous. They aren't quite sure what to do but do like the new toys, bones, and food that came along with her.

She's a yodeler. That's how she got me up this morning. She slept from about 11'ish to 5:30am. Not too shabby! Right now she's in the ex-pen in the kitchen yodeling and whining away. Millie doesn't quite know what to do. She keeps alternating between the loveseat and lying next to the ex-pen. I'm about to jump in the shower, so she'll have to yodel a bit more.

Then I'll play some tug with her (once she's quiet I'll let her out) and pack her up to spend the day with me. I'm in the office 1/2 the day today and tomorrow so I can help her adapt. I have the Photoshop conference Wed - Fri this week, which I'd skip if I could! Mary's going to visit during the day a few times to let her out while I'm at that.

Maybe I'll call her Yoda instead after that crazy yodeling she does. :) She's the best alarm clock tho'!


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