Sunday, April 1, 2007

another Tweak picture

Boy can this dog tug! I'll probably dislocate a shoulder someday... This will be a new experience. :)

I forgot to mention earlier that Millie *loves* her! She didn't snark once - not once! Millie was so excited when I brought the crate in she started chirping. I think I've only heard her make that sound once in the 10 years I've owned her!

Freddie kinda doesn't care about her. He was just jazzed that we got to go to flyball practice, then Grandpa's (where he got to chase the kitty), then to the pet store, then home where he got to run around in the nice weather while I went on poop patrol.

Pacie, the little shit, tries to get her to play with him, but ends up knocking her ass over elbows. They will not play unsupervised until she can kick his ass. :)

The cats aren't phased at all. :p

We've done 3 pees and 1 poop outside and 1 pee inside. I'm liking the ratio so far!

Fingers crossed that we sleep through the night. :) Ok, most of the night. ;)


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