Saturday, April 7, 2007

fun filled day

Before I go into "puppy-talk-only" mode, here's what I've been doing the last 3 days. :)

The conference at the Hynes was good - not as good as previous years, but I still learned a ton. So much in fact that I've forgotten everything I learned! That's what happens when you try to feed useful information into a brain filled with useless shit. :p It's a good thing they give you a ridiculously huge book with all the class slides in it. :)

By Friday I was *exhausted* with all that book learnin'. And I still had to play with the puppy. Sigh. But, by the time I got home, I found the strength. :) I was ready for bed by 7pm however.

This morning, I did some work on the computer after playing with Tweak. Then I did some long-overdue shopping for house stuff. Went to Best Buy, PetSmart, & Big Lots. I was supposed to hit the supermarket too, but, I didn't.

--start puppy-talk-only mode--

Instead, I came home and did some training with the puppy! I started working on walking her on a leash. Can you say bucking bronco? It was pretty funny. :) Once we got to the park down the street, I took her leash off. We walked around the baseball fields for about 1/2 hr or so. Everytime she looked at me, she got clicked, Everytime she came towards me, she got clicked. She got spooked a few times and sat inbetween my legs, but she bounced back quick enough. She needs to meet other dogs, other puppies though. There was a guy walking his dog while we were there and she started barking at it. Time to get her in some puppy playgroups!

There was one point that she got gutsy and got pretty far ahead of me. I hid behind a thick pole so she couldn't see me, but I could see her. She got a little confused, looked all over, spun in a circle, and whined a bit. I peeked out enough so she can see me and she came booking it to me. She got a lot of treats and a lot of time playing with the tug. After that she stuck with me like glue. We need a few trips in the woods to continue working on that. In case your wondering, doing that works on her attention to me along with having her come to me. Having a dog that constantly checks in with you is a very good thing. :)

After that, she had dinner and a bone in the crate. Then we went outside and ran around a bit, came inside and tugged, tugged, tugged our heart out for a long time! Now she's having a nap in the crate and Millie and I are hangin' on the couch. I haven't much hangin' time lately! I did get quite a number of good pictures of her today tho'! I'll post them as soon as I get them in the computer. :)

--end puppy-talk-only mode--

I think I had plans tonight but I can't seem to remember what they are!! Well, if someone calls a yellin', I'm sure I'll remember real quick! Until then, I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time and watch a little TV. ;)


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