Friday, April 20, 2007


The picture most commonly downloaded from this blog is my tattoo of Skootchie's paw. Followed closely by the picture of TJ. I found that interesting.

I went to Flatbreads after work to hang out with Sara. We went to the Fish for a mojito - so she could see/meet Jason (different Jason than my lunch partner), but he wasn't there. Apparently Pete had some stuff to do at his house (it's about time it's getting fixed!) so Jason didn't head over there after work. I'll have to make sure he's there next Friday as we have plans to get together then. :)

I think I made plans with Terri to go to Saturday night Bingo with my Aunty Kathy. If I remember correctly, I'm supposed to call her around 3pm'ish to let her know what time to meet us there. Who knows....

I'm really tired so I'm going to go finish playing with the puppy and hit the hay!


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