Tuesday, April 17, 2007

surprise - more wet

I actually got to spend an hour and a half in work today before heading back home. Once I got to work, I heard the Merrimac had flooded - which usually floods after the Spicket (the one across the street from me.) So I called my friend at the Mayor's office to see if he could give me an update on my street. When I left this morning, the water was almost blocking the road but it was still passable.

My friend said that they were having a meeting at 11am to discuss the situation. A little while later, he told me that Armory St was under voluntary evacuation and it looked like my street was going to be closed. Damn! So, like I said, I was only at work a short time before heading on back here.

It was a good thing I came home when I did - the road was pretty flooded by then. I had one of those "Hmmm...maybe this wasn't such a good idea..." about half way through the puddle from hell.


Yeah. That's my street.

I did get some entertainment tho' while here when a woman in an SUV thought it would be safe to drive through the CVS parking lot and got stuck. I felt bad, especially since she had a dog in the car and didn't want to get out in the 2 ft of water.

While I was out there taking pictures, my friend on the police force came by to take a look at the area and check up on me. She's so nice. :)

Puppy update: Tweak learned how to jump up on the furniture yesterday. :) She's too short to just jump up, she instead figured out that she needed to jump up on the ottoman, then on to the love seat, over the chair, and finally over to the sofa to get to me. How clever!! Jason wasn't nearly as impressed by that as I was since I was chatting with him at the time of discovery. Whatever, it just proves she clever and smart. :)

Today Millie's tune changed towards Tweak a little bit - in a good way even! Instead of begrudgingly becoming a jungle gym, she eagerly became the jungle gym multiple times! At the same time, Freddie is still a shit towards her and Pacie still loves to play with her. The cats, well, they're doing a lot of hissing, understandably since Tweak herds them and then plays the bitey game with them. They aren't fans of the bitey game....not even a little bit. I wish they'd smack the shit out of her (without claws) so she'd stop but they don't. Captain does bite her ears but clearly that's not a strong enough message for her!

Y'know, everyone said I was in for it when I got her. That owning a Border Collie was just so different than anything I've experienced. I bought into it in the beginning, thinking that she was going to be hell on paws. But now, nah. For all those people, I have news for you. Having a BC puppy in the house is *nothing* compared to having 10 rescued Min Pins running around the house! Maybe my tune will change with time, maybe it won't. Only time will tell. But, for now, she's a puppy. A typical, go-go-go until I drop type of puppy. Yes, she has high energy. Yes, she needs a job. Yes, adolesence will be challenging and trying. Allll normal stuff. :)

I ain't worried. And her one, kinda floppy ear is really cute. :)


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