Sunday, April 15, 2007

the weekend

This will probably take me 6 hours to write because I'm watching Eragon at the same time. :p

Let's see, Saturday seemed to be non-stop. I was out of the house by 8:30am - shopped for Kate's baby shower gift, Cam's Baptism/Christening gift, portabella mushrooms, salad, & green beans for Kate's shower, gift bags for the gifts, a card for Cam, & last but not least, a religious trinket thing for Cam's religious thing. I don't know what the difference is between a Baptism and a Christening so that's why I'm using the slash thing. Someone can correct me later but it was the one where you go to church and they pour water on his head to welcome him into something or other...the religion perhaps? I don't know. Whatever. :)

I got home, played with and trained the puppy, then started to prepare the food for Kate's shower. Jay was coming over to see the pup (rescheduled from earlier in the week) around 12:30 - 1'ish. He called when I was getting out of the shower and asked what he should bring. Huh? He assumed (I think?) since we were supposed to do dinner, that we would do lunch. I was thinking he was coming just to see the puppy and hang out. :p

So, I ran up to the supermarket, grabbed a few steaks to put on the grill and more beans to make figuring since I had to make them anyway, I'd just make more and have that be the side dish, along with a salad. Good enough! Not too shabby for a lunch planned and made in about 15 mins. :)

Jay came by and played with the puppy, admitting that she was really cute. Good. Now he understands why I speak about nothing else these days. ;p We had lunch, then played with Freddie and the kids outside, tossing the ball and watching the puppy run around. By the time we came inside, it was 3:30pm and time to go! We were having Kate's baby shower at 5pm and I had to get to Sue & Phil's house by then - an hour away. Plus I had to stop and get beer. No baby shower is complete without good beer in my opinion. :)

Harpoon has an Irish style red ale out - Hibernian I think - it was really good. :)

I'm not actually sure when Kate realized it was her baby shower and not a meeting. I was outside making sure Tweak wasn't going to have an accident in the house. Plus, Angelica & Greg brought their new Boston pup, Winston. Greg & I were outside letting the pups play when Kate & Dan showed up. Let me tell you, Tweak was a nasty-ass bitch when she first met Winston! The sounds coming out of her were ridiculous, which just made me realize that she needs more interaction with puppies, NOW. I refuse to have another dog that isn't good with other dogs!

Anyway, we all spent the night eating and talking, watching the kids and the puppies. We watched Kate open presents and I wrote down who gave what. Apparently there is a difference between wash cloths and burp cloths. Did you know that? How and why anyone would know that is beyond me.

About 9'ish we decided to head home. The day was full of playing with puppies and children and new people so we were both tired. :) We played with the rest of the kids when we got home (Millie was excited to see the puppy) and then we all relaxed on the couch. Millie in her corner, the Pins under the blanket, and the puppy laying on top me from chest to knees, stretched out as much as she could be thank-you-very-much. :)

She was still pretty tired this morning after a full night's sleep, which worked well for me since I had Cam's Baptism/Christening thing this morning. I picked up Aunty Kathy and went to the church. We almost went to the wrong one but figured it out at the very last minute. The church didn't burst into flames when I walked into it - always a bonus. :) Cam was good throughout the service, another good thing. :)

We went back to Sue's and started getting all of the appetizers ready. I have to say, 4 female family members working in the kitchen together is a crap shoot. Luckily we were like a well oiled machine - not once did we get in each other's way.

Food was great, conversation was great, spending time with family was great, watching Cam was great. He's smiling now all the time and when you ask him for kisses, he opens his mouth as wide as he can and leans toward you. It's pretty cute. :)

(Some of the acting in this movie is a little weak - only some of the scenes, but still pretty weak.)

I took pictures at both events: Kate's shower and Cam's thingy. (I'm still getting used to the new camera so there are a bunch of crappy pictures. Anthony was showing me how to use it today, which is why you'll see some whacko shots, and a few Freddie heads, while you peruse. :p )

I rescheduled to go out with *T* (the other one) tonight, but I haven't heard from him. We'll see what happens.

Well, it's taken me 1 1/2 hrs. to write this - in between watching the movie. :) It was an OK movie - glad I saw it, wouldn't buy it, might consider watching a second one if there is one. But now I have to feed the puppy, which means our training session is about to begin! I love a dog that will work for their dinner. :) I just have to stop calling her "puppy" so she can learn her name!!


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