Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I know, I know...

I've been MIA, I know. But the weather has been gorgeous and I've had lots of stuff to do and I'm losing track of my calendar so I'm double booking things. It's just been a little hectic. :)

Quick recap - Saturday we did pictures. Tweak wasn't thrilled with the props but we worked through some of them. :) By the end, I was frustrated and hot. I think we got some really good ones though. When she tells me they're up on her site, I'll let you know. Or you can go check yourself. :) Sat. night I went to Bingo with Aunty Kathy & Aunty Pat. Aunty Pat won $1500 and took us out for a few beers afterwards. :)

Sunday I had practice, then did some shopping, did some work outside, hung out with the dogs, and had a relaxing, yet productive day.

Training is going really well with Tweak! We started working on heeling last night. It's hard to get her little puppy brain to focus in the great outdoors, but we made a lot of progress before I let her run a muck and sniff everything in sight. :) We'll be going for walks every night so she can get used to all the scary things outside. Yesterday she got a little freaked by some kids playing basketball, so I have to introduce her to the world more often.

Friday I'm getting my hair done. Yay! Then Tweak has a vet appt. in the afternoon and finally I have Susan's going away party Friday night. No heading to the Fish for mojitos with Sara like originally planned. Damn double booking.

Oh, Paula: We're good for the NET tourney. I checked with my brother this morning. I'm picking up Renee somewhere along the way (she's staying with Nancy), so I'll meet you there at some point that night. Maybe we can coordinate and do dinner. :) I'll have a check for you when I get there. :p

I just realized that the tourney is 4 days after my surgery. Not the brightest thing I've done, that's for sure.

Kevin's birthday was yesterday so I think we're going out to celebrate tomorrow night. I'll see if the rest of the crew can make it.

Ok, that's enough for now, don't want to overwhelm you. :p


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