Wednesday, April 4, 2007

day three

Successful. :) I had a conference today at the Hynes, which was cool. I started the day playing tug with Tweak outside after she did all her business. She's very good in the crate and hasn't had any accidents, on top of sleeping through the night. :) Then she had breakfast, I got to shower, and we played a bunch more before heading out.

Since I wasn't able to bring her with me (boy did I want to!), Mary came by to let her out a couple of times during the day. They went for a walk and played the whole time she was here. I'm so lucky that she lives so close and is home during the day!!! I'll probably continue to bring her with me to work until the weather makes that impossible.

I fed her dinner in the crate and played with the other pups so they could have some one-on-one time. Then I worked on down a bit more until my dinner was ready. So far we've worked on sit and down, along with retrieving the ball for a tug reward. I just got a quick bite to eat so it's time to play with and train the puppy until it's time for bed!

I'd write more but I'm pressed for time!


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