Friday, April 13, 2007


Tweak got me good yesterday! We were playing tug and she missed. She instead got the meaty part of my thumb/palm of my hand with those razor sharp baby teeth and sliced a little chunk of it. It's small, but boy was it bloody!

I was supposed to meet *T* (a different *T*) for drinks last night, but I screwed up the time. I was there at 7pm, waited about 15 mins (patience isn't my strongest trait), and then said screw it. But, we were supposed to meet at 8pm. Ooops. It didn't matter much since he had to work late and got home around 9pm. Ah well. If the weather is crappy on Sunday, we'll go out then. If it's nice, I'm taking the puppy to an agility trial instead. I need to have her meet a ton more dogs and people. :)

I have to get my taxes ready to go so I can mail them tomorrow. Ick. I have a flyball meeting tomorrow night, which will be fun. I have to remember to stop and get food and beer!

My cousin is having Neely christened this weekend, I think on Sunday. Do you give gifts for that? I should probably pick something up anyway.

The puppy needs to go in for shots next week, that should be fun! Dr. Lisa hasn't met her yet, but she does know I have her. I think she rolled her eyes when one of the girls told her. That's to be expected. :)

More puppy playing & training, a shower, and then off to work for the final day this week. Yay!


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