Friday, April 20, 2007

omg it's Friday

I'm sitting in the living room with a cup of tea, trying to wake up. I thought today was Saturday when I woke up, but no such luck. :)

I ended up being stranded on Wednesday. I couldn't drive down the street - the water was too high. I had my car towed Thursday morning, from the driveway to just past the puddle via flatbed so I could drive to my drs appt and work.

But, I was happy to see the sun yesterday, it felt really good. :) Today it's supposed to be in the mid-60's. Sweet. :) I might even be able to get some yard work done this weekend!!

Jason and I had lunch on Wednesday, he was nice enough to come pick me up. :) We were going to head into Salem to eat somewhere there, but the road was closed due to some flooding. Heh. So we went up to the Loop instead and ate at TGIF's.

(Tweak's doing the border creep across the floor with a ball in her mouth. Cute.)

After that, I just worked and worked and worked. I did have multiple playing sessions with the pup as breaks tho'. :)

Yesterday was ok. I got my car towed and then headed over to my hand dr to see what we could do to fix this stupid right thumb of mine. Surgery is scheduled for May 8th. Sigh. After that I headed into the office, where I proceeded to get very little done. It's amazing that I can be home with 4 dogs and 2 cats and still have far less distraction than when I'm at work. Think about it, it's pretty silly!

Today should be a highly productive day - if I put my headphones on and keep them on. You would think the signs I have on my desk would warn people to keep away at certain times, but they don't. Yesterday I changed it to say "I love deadlines.....especially the sound they make when they go whizzing by." I was told the "I'll be nicer to you if you act less stupid" sign might be somewhat inappropriate for the workplace. It's just too bad that it's more true there than anywhere else!

I don't think there's a hell of a lot going on this weekend. I might be getting a bed for the spare room - if Glen has the time to grab it for me. Of course, if that happens, the weekend will be shot because I'll have to clean out the spare room first. Ugh. I can see a lot of shit going on Freecycle!! I have a bucket of Christmas Gifts that I just won't use. If you want any of it, let me know and it's yours. I have NO idea what I'll do with the billion books that are in the room.

If that doesn't happen, I can see a lot of yard work and training in my future this weekend. :p


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