Saturday, April 28, 2007

a few idle thoughts

The voice in my head is soooo much better than the book on CD's voice. I went to B&N the other day and picked up a few books. I can't get out of there without checking the 2 aisles of books on sale. I found one of my favorite books there on CD and figured I'd give it a try. Maybe it's different if you haven't already read the book. Or maybe it's just getting used to the same voice reading the whole book. I don't know. I'll still listen, but the voice in my head rocks, comparatively speaking.

I did take Tweak down to visit. Neutron scared the bejeezus out of her for the first 5 minutes, but she bounced back pretty quickly. By the time I left, Tweak would tease him into chasing her, he'd start running, and she'd do the typical BC turn on a dime thang, leaving him in a cloud of her dust. She's going to be a *Great* flyball dog!

I don't know much about the South Shore. I only know the areas that Glen & Elissa have lived in. But, there's a chinese food place down there called Great Chow, and it really does have great chow!! Guess what we got for dinner. :D I took lots of pictures and will post them online tomorrow at some point.

I have practice in the morning and am then off to Redbones for our girl's day out. Kim is meeting me at my place so Beanie has a place to stay and so that I have a designated driver. :) After Redbones we are hitting the Burren for some great beer and some great Irish music. I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Once I sober up, I think I'll clean off the kitchen table. There's so much mail and crap on there that I can't see the top of it anymore. After that I'll tear apart the half wall. I should probably wait until I'm sober for that one. :p

More idle thoughts:

If you lift Millie's ears straight up, she looks like Rocko from Rocko's Modern World.

Triple XXX Vitamin Water is the coolest new flavor out there - acai, blueberry, & pomegranate. Yum. :)

Donna printed out a couple of the Tweak photos from last weekend and showed them to me at Susan's party. Oh. My. Dog. They are *awesome*! She showed me one of the Pacie photos as well, which came out incredible too. But, he's on a diet now because his stomach is starting to become one with his chest. He's a little less than pleased with that and has started eating everything he can put his grubby little mouth on. The little bastard. If he needs surgery because of an obstruction, I'm gonna be pissed. :p


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