Monday, July 3, 2006

2nd place

The tourney went well - we ended up taking 2nd place in our division. :) It was good division to be in as the racing was close! You could see how the heat affected the dogs as the times got progressively slower as the weekend went on - at least Freddie's times did. :) New Jersey Devil Dogs took 1st place for that division, which I don't mind at all since they're such great people! We're going to team up with them in PA - hopefully we're not racing them again!

We ended the day with a cookout at Renee & Chris's house - nice and relaxing! Pacie wasn't listening to me at all, so I had him on leash the whole time. I cut Keely & Sebastian's hair and then moved on to Selma & Bailey's toes. We always seem to have a grooming party whenever we get together in a social setting.

I had a bad headache by the time I left which I knew was from not drinking enough water in the heat. It didn't help that the last 2 races for us were one right after another. But, the dogs were champs and ran their little hearts out right to the end. :)

I'm going into work today for a little while before meeting up with the landscaper guy to look at pavers. I don't expect there will be anyone in there, or any reason to stay for very long. I have a few errands I need to do afterwards besides looking at the pavers and then I'm free until Wed am. :)

But, if I'm going to head out early, I should probably get in to work first. ;)


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