Friday, July 28, 2006

up to 6

I now have 6 dogs in the house. Stuart, a dog I adopted out like 5 years ago, is with me for the weekend. He and Pacie get along really well, so they'll keep each other occupied and out of trouble for a few days. :)

I was home early, which the kids loved. They said hello to me and booked it outside to play in the pool. I added more water to it and in the process, played with Neutron with the hose. He likes to get the full-blast spray of it - something I can't do as well with my dogs since the full-blast of the hose will knock them off their feet. :) I could do it with Millie, but she's far too sophisticated for such juvenile behavior. So Neutron and I had fun and now he smells better - Bonus!

I did manage to get all of my laundry done tho'!! I now have clean clothing to wear to work and no longer have to go in naked - another bonus. :) Yesterday was a good day - nothing like the day before so I didn't come home in a foul mood. After playing with the pups, I caught up with my neighbor who had been on vacation. The people are so nice on this street. :) Then I did some web stuff and considered revamping my site. By the time I was done thinking of it, Stuart was here and it was time for bed shortly thereafter.

I was really eyeing those dishes this morning - in a 'I'm getting reallll sick of you' way so there's a strong possibility I may even try to conquer them this evening. Of course if Sue calls and says she wants to go do something, they'll have to wait yet again. ;)

I've been thinking about how much stuff I reveal in this thing. I love being honest and just writing down what I think, but I've noticed a few times people from work have been on here poking around. I have to wonder how much is too much and whether or not anything I write about will be held against me in the future. At this point it's just a thought and I won't edit anymore than I already do (somethings you just don't need to know about). :) Knowing me, that won't stop me, it'll actually provoke me to write even more. But, since nothing non-PG is happening right now, it doesn't really matter!


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