Sunday, July 9, 2006


...I never got a chance to log in and finish yesterday's post. Oh well. :) It was a busy day.

Sue & I went out to breakfast in the morning. We tried a different place up by the Loop - Priscilla's or something like that. It was pretty good. After that, we did a tiny bit of shopping and then headed over to Nevin's Farm to meet Kate, Dan, Renee, Chris, Keelie, & Peyton. Kate & Dan went there for a cat, Renee for a donkey, and Chris to make sure Renee didn't go home with a goat, chicken, cow, or any other type of farm animal. :) There was a tiny black & white kitten that was a complete *love* that I seriously contemplated taking home. She had a little pink cast on her broken front leg. But, thankfully I'm not nearly as stupid as I look and I did not bring the darling little thing home. :) She's got such a great personality and is so loving she won't have a problem finding a home. :)

After that, Sue & I took a ride down to Somerville to pick up my grandmother's favorite cookies in the world. Patsy's is a typical Italian bakery and makes some of the most delicious Italian desserts. At every family gathering we always had something from there while growing up. It's one of those places that, when I walk in, the smell alone floods me with childhood memories. :)

We headed up to my grandparent's house and visited for a while. They were just coming back from a little shopping so we had really good timing! We brought some pizza so they wouldn't force us to eat, but they did anyway. I can't understand why the woman will not take No for an answer when she offers food - seriously. Anyway, it was a really good visit - looking at old pictures, talking about Sue's baby, and just spending quality time with them.

We made a quick stop on the way home and I bought a new toy to play with, then Sue took off to take a nap and I played with the dogs until Kim got here. It was late by the time she got here and I really wasn't up for the hour ride down to Elissa's so we bagged on the BBQ and just hung out instead. I really wanted to make a fire in the pit, but Kim wanted to catch up on the Rescue Me shows she's missed this season so we did.

That was the extent of my day - a lot of driving, but a good day overall. :) Right now I have to head out the door for flyball practice. Later I have to go food shopping and I'd like to get some cleaning in, but we'll see what happens. :)


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