Friday, July 14, 2006


I finally had a night to do what I wanted to do - nothing more, nothing less. And it felt goooood. :) I had to stop and get dog food on the way home but that was it. I was able to change out of work clothes and just relax. I should have done some cleaning but I wasn't willing to trade my first bit of *me* time with my responsibilities. I have all weekend to clean. :) I can justify anything if I have to... ;)

I woke up more groggy than normal this morning (hence the lack of posting) and was late getting to work since I kept walking into walls and forgetting why I had walked into a particular room. Fun, fun.

I met Kate & Karen for lunch today. Boy are we an interesting trio to be around! I'm pretty sure we completely horrified the people at the next table with all of our not-so-boring conversation. There were a number of times that they looked over at us, either blatantly or under their lashes and the conversation was non-existent at their table from what I could tell. There is also a strong possibility that we made the husband blush. That's exactly why they should never put us in the center of a restaurant. :)

There is a vast difference between girl talk and guy talk. First, most guys don't actually talk as much as girls do (although I do have a male friend that can keep up with the best of us). Second, guys might hint at something, or even come right out and say it, but that's it. With girls, we talk about the same stuff but go into levels of detail guys just don't think about. We also talk about the feelings involved in whatever topic of discussion we're on. We then give specifics, name names, and add our opinion to the end of it. So, for you guys out there reading this, your girlfriend's friends have a much better idea of how you are in bed than you do. 'Nuff said. ;)

Tonight, I don't believe I have any plans, but I could be forgetting something. I have that nagging feeling and I'm not quite sure what it is. Ah well. I will find out/remember one way or another. :) I think I'll take Kate's advice and batten down the hatches with my book and a few essential necessities. ;)

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Cindy's house for our annual flyball team yard sale. Time to get rid of junk we don't need and make some money for the team. I did have a lot to contribute this year, but it got washed away in the flood. :( Maybe I'll take some crates over and try and sell those. I think I have a coffee maker that I no longer need as well. I'll try to find something. :)

I may or may not write later; it depends on my mood. I do have a ton of things running around up there in that tiny brain, but I'm not convinced it's good blog fodder. Actually, it's probably excellent fodder, I'm just not convinced I want to reveal that much. :) We'll see. ;)


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