Monday, July 10, 2006

Didn't happen...

That would be food shopping and cleaning - those didn't happen. Besides flyball practice yesterday, I had very little that I was *supposed* to do. Somehow my day turned into far more and I'm not quite sure how. I'll have to figure out how that happens and stop it. :)

Flyball practice was good. Most of the team was there and the only beginners were our own dogs so we flew through practice quickly. The 2 main things I wanted to focus on was Freddie being able to pass Scarlet and Pacie being able to single stride over the jumps. We're good with Freddie passing Scarlet first, but need a little work the other way around. I realized at the end that Scarlet had never been 3rd and had a dog pass her on the way back. Stupid. Ah well, it was good to work on it in practice anyway. :) So far Pacie doesn't seem to have the same level of drive Freddie does. He'll run to me, but it's always in a going-out-for-a morning-stroll way. I want it to be in a holy-crap-there's-mom-I-need-to-get-to-her-now! way. :) I'll keep working on it.

After practice I had to take a ride to BJ's and I called my Dad to see if there was anything he needed. I haven't talked to him in a while due to the holiday, etc. and all of us being pushed in a billion directions. We got to catch up on a bunch of stuff so it was good. Afterwards, I gave him and Betsy haircuts and took off. I had a few smaller errands to do, one for my Dad, which I did on the way home - stopped to get gas, got my car washed, dropped a book off at the library, etc., etc. Fun stuff.

I had really good intentions when I got home. I was going to mow the lawn and do the dishes. That was the plan. That was all I was going to force myself to do. Right. Didn't happen. :) Instead, after I put a few things away, I decided to water the plants, fill the dog bowls outside, empty, and fill the dog pool. Then I started playing keep away with the dogs - me squirting them with the hose when they least expect it and them trying to come to me without getting wet. It's one of our (really my) favorite pastimes. :)

It was a little hot when that was over and I hadn't eaten yet so I decided to grab something quickly and take a shower. The shower turned into a pampering session - I was squeaky clean, smooth from shaving, and was covered in cream by the time I was done. Boy did I feel great! But, who wants to mow the lawn or do the dishes feeling like that? Not I. :) So I finished one book and started another before jumping on the computer and getting some work done.

My mother is in town for a little under a week. She flew in on Thursday, I found out on Friday, and she's leaving on Wednesday. It's been years since she moved to Florida and our relationship has vastly improved. We get along pretty well with her there and me here. :) Much better than with both of us here. Why? My mother has a propensity for drama. I abhor drama. Yup, we're a good team. :) The one thing I don't get is that she doesn't realize this. After all these years, she doesn't quite get that I can't stand drama. I think she's aware that I always shoot from the hip, say what's on my mind, and call it like I see it. I think. Aware perhaps, but she doesn't *get* it. Just one of those things that I have to work on I suppose. Anyway, tonight we have a "family meeting" to talk about my grandfather's deteriorating brain. He's starting to lose his marbles. We've all known about it for quite some time. We don't have an infinite amount of time left with them. It's extremely sad, but true nonetheless. There's nothing we can do to change it. Instead of simply saying, hey let's get together so we can all talk about what's going on with Pepa, the drama kicked in and it became a "family meeting" with no explanation of why we were having it. Gotta love that drama. Anyway, so my siblings and I are heading over to my sister's house to have dinner and our "family meeting". Should be fun.

But before then, I need to head to the lawyers and attempt to meet with the landscaping guy to pick out stones yet again. I also have to make an appt. with the vet for Millie today as she's showing a few signs of having a UTI. I don't think I'll be in work for very long today unfortunately.


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