Wednesday, July 5, 2006

good day

Yesterday was the first day in a long time where I had the day off and time moved slowly. I remember looking at the clock and thinking it must be about 6pm - but the clock said it was 2:30pm. I very much enjoyed having a few 'extra' hours on a day off. :)

There were a number of things I could've done - BBQ's here and there, fireworks displays, etc. but I choose to stay home. First, I wasn't feeling all that great for those womanly reasons, and second I didn't want Millie to be home alone if there fireworks going on. I know they bother her big time and it was more important for me to know she was ok then it was to sit in a field being eaten by mosquitos. Besides, they always have them on tv. :)

Which, I watched. I was pretty impressed with the Boston fireworks this year. They were set to music and the timing was right on. I've also never seen fireworks that take the shape of the planet Saturn, a smiley face, a 3D square, and a 5 point star. I was impressed!

There were a couple of times that I stopped to think about why I had the day off - Independence Day, and the history behind it. I had a number of thoughts, which turned into concerns, but I really didn't want to think too much (I had to get back to reading afterall), so I'll save that stuff for another day.

That was really it for my day... oh, except I managed to read 2 of the new books I bought. Yeah, I know it's a lot for one day, but I couldn't tear myself away from them! Since I didn't do any cleaning yesterday, I am not allowing myself to continue on with the series so that I can actually get something done today. :)

I have to leave early today and tomorrow for appts. - another with the lawyer for my wills, and tomorrow my friend Brian is coming over to spec out what it would be to add ac to the partially set up heating and cooling system. We'll find out tomorrow if it's doable. I'll have to figure out how I'm going to handle the bedroom in that scenario as I like it really cold in there, but wouldn't want it like that in the rest of the house. Something to chew on.

Another day, another dollar. :)


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