Monday, July 24, 2006

what to write, what to write...

First, the flyball tournament was great. For the 1st tournament this team put on, it was run exceptionally well! We had a great time, got some good racing in, met lots of new people, and came home pretty damn tired. :) We had a shorter ride home than going down, thankfully. We didn't end up leaving until 4pm or so and had a 7 hour drive home.

But the dogs all did really, really well - especially Saturday when the pups had 30 heats that day and only 9 on Sunday. We weren't perfect, and actually came in last in our division, but we were clean for the most part and had a great time doing it. :)

After I picked up my car at Cindy's house, I had to drive down to pick up Neutron, Glen & Elissa's dog. They're on vacation for a couple of weeks and I'm dog sitting. :) I was really tired and did *not* want to drive down to Brockton to pick him up Sunday night, but, that's what I said I would do, so that's what I did.

I actually arrived home around 1:15am or so. Millie was beyond thrilled to see me, which I'm guessing my neighbors weren't as thrilled to hear. After a minute she calmed down and ran around the yard with Neutron for a bit while I unpacked the car. Freddie was tired and really didn't want to deal with anything or anyone. He only wanted to be with me, cuddle with me, protect me, stay with me, and always be touching me. There is a reason why I call him my titty baby. :)

I let the rest of the kids out and we all had a joyous reunion. I'm sure they had fun with Aunty Kim while I was gone, but there's nothing like mum coming home. ;) After we were done saying hello and spending a little QT together, it was time for bed. I knew I had dr's appts today, but I had no idea what time they were so I logged on to work quickly from the comfort of my bed to find out. I think I ended up finally going to sleep around 2am. Yuck.

Today I had my two dr's appts and both went as expected. For the last month my right thumb/wrist has been hurting and I thought I had just twisted it or something. No such luck. I've had the beginnings of DeQuervain's for the last 10+ years or so and now instead of just having the beginnings, I have it full blown. Just another reason not to procreate! This genetic markup should perish with me so nobody else has to deal with all the joint, tendon, & ligament problems I've had to. Anyway, so now I'm in a splint until I can get in to see a hand surgeon and get it looked at. I'm sure they'll want to treat it with cortisone first, but eventually I know they'll resort to the knife. That's my assumption anyway since that's how it worked with the last 15 surgeries I've had on my hands.

The rest of the day was spent cuddling with the kids and relaxing. I probably wouldn't have been as tired as I was had I not spent 9 hours in the car after racing the whole weekend. Hopefully the rest of my team is recouping as well. :)

And on that note, I'm off to get some work done. I have a meeting tomorrow that I need to do some stuff for and now's as good a time as any - it's that or get up super early tomorrow morning and we all know that ain't happening. ;)

Oh, and I'm hoping I'll get my voice back by then too!


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