Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, yesterday's prediction of me not being in work a whole lot was right on the money unfortunately. I was there for 3 1/2 hours before it was time to take off and start doing all of the appts/plans I had.

I left around 12:30 to take Millie to the vet. She does indeed have a UTI and is on medication for it. Normally we see Dr. Lisa when we go to the vet, who is very used to my dogs and their personalities. Yesterday we saw Dr. Tom. He's a nice guy and knows his stuff, but he's very abrupt. Millie doesn't like going to the vet anyway so she was less than thrilled with her appt. At least I was able to bring a urine sample so they didn't have to stick a needle in her bladder to get one. Let me tell you how much she likes *that*.

After the vet it was a race for time. I headed straight for my lawyers appt. with Millie in tow, calling on the way to see if 4 leggeds were welcome. Thankfully they were and there were a bunch of kids there. Millie spent the time either lying at my feet or entertaining the kids by doing tricks. I had a good conversation with the lawyer, got the details of my will/living will straightened out, and talked about the car accident case. I'm going to get a copy of my case file from the CT lawyers and let her look over it so she can advise me on what to do since the CT lawyers aren't doing that at all. She mentioned she has a cousin in CT who's a lawyer and will talk to him/her as well to see what the difference in the laws are. At this point, I just want this thing over with.

I was supposed to choose my stones yesterday after the lawyer appt. but, again, the landscaper never called me back. Let me tell how tired I am of him at this point. He's got one more shot at getting back to me and then it's on to someone else as I'm just about done with him.

Since I wasn't going to meet up with him, I headed over to my sister's with Millie in tow. Tigre was extremely excited to see her and they immediately went outside to play. They came back in a little while later and Millie was drenched from him, like usual. :) My mother made dinner, which was ok, and then we sat around talking about Pepa for a little bit. Thankfully the discussion was not a dramafest and was quickly over with. We hung out for a bit afterwards talking and doing crossword puzzles, which I so suck at.

I attempted to cut the lawn before heading over to my sister's but the tractor wouldn't start. :( I called the fix it place and they're going to pick it up today after work. They're also bringing by a rear engine rider for me to try. Whatever, at least I'll be able to get the field also known as my lawn cut. I think I saw that it was supposed to rain later, but I'm hoping it'll hold off until that's done. :)

Oh, and I did half the dishes yesterday too. That has to tell you just how bad I was stalling before going to the family meeting. ;)

Thankfully today shouldn't be nearly as busy. I do have to stop and get wrapping paper at some point for Susan's gifts. Her baby shower is tomorrow night and everything is purchased, just not wrapped. Maybe Sue will be available to do a little bit of shopping tonight. :)


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