Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, it seems like the worst of the heat is gone. I'll take 80 degrees over 96 anyday. :) Y'know what that means! I *might* even get to mow my lawn today after work!!! Who'da thunk! Of course it'll take a few hours because of how high it is... yay. Hiring one of those companies to come in and do it every week doesn't seem like such a bad idea with all the equipment problems I've been having. But, first things first - mow the lawn today. :) I'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

I got my new phone in the mail yesterday. I've been having trouble with the antenna on my old one, so I upgraded. Unfortunately, Nextel phones are soooo freakin' expensive - they don't give you a free upgrade every year or so like Cingular did. But, I'm much happier with Nextel and I'm not cursing nearly as much. :) I found this phone on Ebay and got a *sweet* deal on it. It came with a bunch of accessories as well so I probably saved about $300. Saving money is good. :)

I have to personalize it quickly as I think my brother is going to have my head if I don't return the transfer wire to him. heehee I'll do that today at lunch time.

Yesterday Paula and I got most of our travel plans for the weekend set. I just have to pull directions down from the internet. I also have to email Nancy & Vince to let them know I'll be in the area'ish. Maybe they'll even come and visit if they're not busy. :)

I started talking to the pool people yesterday as well. I have to call them back this morning to see when I can get on their schedule. And I have to see if it'll be cheaper to fill the pool from the hose, or if it makes sense to get water delivered. So many things, too little time. :)

That's it for me. Too bad I can't hear what you're up to!


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