Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's official!

I am the proud new owner of a 24' above ground pool. I don't physically have it yet, but at least it's paid for. :) I went to the store this morning to pick out the type, size, etc. and ended up just paying for it then. I'll go back Monday night to pick it up since the installation has been changed from Monday to Tuesday. They promised this would be the last time it moved so I'm firmly keeping Tuesday in my mind. I'll be able to have a pool party by next weekend. Woohoo!

Of course knowing my luck, the weather will drastically change starting Wed and it'll be 50 degrees for the rest of the year. :) School starts back up for me this coming week as well so I'm sure the course will be so intense that I'll have beyond no time to use it. If I plan on the weather being crappy and the school load being unbearable, I can be pleasantly surprised if neither happen. ;) Who said I was optimistic? :p

Joe is on his way to check over the electrical for the pool pump. There's already service there, so he just needs to make sure it works. :) I'm hoping he doesn't have to do any digging or anything since it's already underground.

After he's done, I'm heading over to Renee's house to relax by her pool on this great summer day. I should be doing the lawn or something responsible like that (BUT! I did do 2 of the sink bowls that were filled with dishes!), but I'd rather play. :)

Gotta go - Joe's here!


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